Born on January 19, Puerto Rico.  Industrial Microbiologist by profession, she is a true art lover and passionate devotee of all it forms and expressions.  From early youth, baked by her mother's enthusiasm, Sandra studied art and painting under the direction of Artist and Spanish Educator, Andres Bueso.  Her sensitivity and zeal, did not take long to convey the noble spirit of her soul through her music and paintings.  Through the years, she has invested an intense part of her life to maintain her love affair with painting. Her sensitivity, through her art work, talk to us about her perception of nature, the simplicity of the human heart, to details, to the special and natural stimulus of the body language.  Her colors are a synthesis in motion of everything said performed with great canvas expertise.  In some of her works, she accurately presents the truth of her feelings and her life experiences with a special kind of freedom.  Her works subjects seek to project a free and personal understanding for all, in and out of the art environment.  Today, with more than 20 years of art painting, a great art performer full of inspirations and extraordinary expertise.

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"Captive" - Awarded Art Work of the Mendez & Co. Champagne Eclipse Lauch.

October 2006, San Juan Puerto Rico