1996 – “Pasiones”; Instituto de Cultura y Artes                          Plásticas, San Juan Puerto Rico, Fine Arts                  Cultural Institute of Plastic Arts, San Juan                    Puerto Rico 

2000 - “Nostalgia”; Festivino 2000, Guayama, Puerto                   Rico 

2003 - “Voces Del Alma”; Galeria Girasol, Caguas                    Puerto Rico (“Voices of the Soul”; Girasol                     Gallery, Caguas Puerto Rico 

2004 - “Moda, arte y mas”; Galeria Dylan, San Juan
           Puerto  Rico.  

2005 - “Tango”; Festivino 2004, Guayama, Puerto Rico 
          (“Tango”; Festivino 2004, Guayama, Puerto Rico 

2006 - “Eclipse”; Mendez & Co., San Juan, Puerto Rico 
           (Awarded art work “Cautiva”; "(Captive)", PR 

2010 - “Retrospective Sample”; Doral Bank Branch,                  Dorado, PR  

2011 - "A Passion for Wine",  Live Art presentation at  
           Deer Spring Winery, Lincoln, NE.  Initiating 
          Artist World tour art exhibition. coming soon... 

2012 - "Rouge",  2012-13 Art World Tour Exhibition  
           at The Burkholder Project Gallery, Lincoln, NE.
           Coming next Nov 2, 2012 

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