"The Dream"   (20"x30") Real model artwork.  Piece SOLD, only available in certified Lithographies, ($750). Actual value of original artwork; $4,500.00

"Romance Evening"   (16"x20") $350

"Captive"   (20"x30") $450 framed. Winner of the new Champagne "Eclipse", October 2006, San Juan, PR

"“Reyes” – inspired in the Three Kings Day traditional puertorrican celebration after Christmas. Only available in Lithograph art work ($550), 250 re-production. Original acrylic art work sold in 2005, $750.00, (20” X 30”-unframed). Actual art work value; $1050.00. 

"Grapes"   (22"x24") $375 unframed, art Litography
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